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Sabado, Abril 16, 2011

Always a Happy Morning

MORNING is just so lovely. I can’t contain the happy feeling, every time I wake up and feel how God works His mighty hands for everyone. That’s why I’m incredibly grateful everyday.

Just to share, here are some the things I get to enjoy under the His morning sunbeams. 
SUNSHINE - I was walking inside the MERALCO compound when I took this picture. The morning sun shine’s perfectly and my face can feel its warmth (it’s as if God touches my kawaii face =P)
MORNING DEW – I felt real amazing when I saw this pile of grass with sunup dew, thinking it didn’t rain overnight and who in the world would water the plant during wee hours to fabricate it? Its miracle right!?
THE AZURE – Ha! I’m feeling real happy with heaven’s tinge. I admit, I am super *kilig with the background. That’s why I had fun jumping (not so real high) with it. Very beautiful (not me) the background is.
THE SEA – We bring the kids and feeling kids along countryside’s sea coast, we used to wake up at 4am and jog while the kids are enjoying the breeze, later on the sea water. This happens, during summer vacation.
LOVEY KIDDOS - I love it every time I get to wake up earliest in the morning. I always watch how they sleep soundly and love ogling their guiltless kind.
HUBBY – I find it so romantic waking up with my other-half. *kilig again! Overrrr! Hahaha!

I know right! there are bunch of reasons to be grateful every time we wake up in the morning. UNSPEAKABLE, that is. Don’t ever forget to pray and give thanks, to start your day just oh-so right.

As you look around your place, you will find some things or even some simple things for you to feel loved and be thankful. 

Stay grateful!

I heart sunshine!
Kiss Life Embrace Love!
~ Cams

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