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Sabado, Abril 23, 2011

Autumn Concerto's WO AI TA

One of my favorite TW Dramas ever!!!

OST: Autumn Concerto (Next Stop Happiness)
Sung by: Ding Dang

Sabado, Abril 16, 2011

Always a Happy Morning

MORNING is just so lovely. I can’t contain the happy feeling, every time I wake up and feel how God works His mighty hands for everyone. That’s why I’m incredibly grateful everyday.

Just to share, here are some the things I get to enjoy under the His morning sunbeams. 
SUNSHINE - I was walking inside the MERALCO compound when I took this picture. The morning sun shine’s perfectly and my face can feel its warmth (it’s as if God touches my kawaii face =P)
MORNING DEW – I felt real amazing when I saw this pile of grass with sunup dew, thinking it didn’t rain overnight and who in the world would water the plant during wee hours to fabricate it? Its miracle right!?
THE AZURE – Ha! I’m feeling real happy with heaven’s tinge. I admit, I am super *kilig with the background. That’s why I had fun jumping (not so real high) with it. Very beautiful (not me) the background is.
THE SEA – We bring the kids and feeling kids along countryside’s sea coast, we used to wake up at 4am and jog while the kids are enjoying the breeze, later on the sea water. This happens, during summer vacation.
LOVEY KIDDOS - I love it every time I get to wake up earliest in the morning. I always watch how they sleep soundly and love ogling their guiltless kind.
HUBBY – I find it so romantic waking up with my other-half. *kilig again! Overrrr! Hahaha!

I know right! there are bunch of reasons to be grateful every time we wake up in the morning. UNSPEAKABLE, that is. Don’t ever forget to pray and give thanks, to start your day just oh-so right.

As you look around your place, you will find some things or even some simple things for you to feel loved and be thankful. 

Stay grateful!

I heart sunshine!
Kiss Life Embrace Love!
~ Cams

Biyernes, Abril 15, 2011

ONE Supermarket Day with Hubby

It's really sweet, whenever my hubby hang out with me and do some sort of mommy task in a super market. I find it super fun too.

While I'm on a vacation leave, we planned to go out and hang together... shop food stocks, kiddos primary needs and of course to buy some vegan foodies.

We arrived so early at Mall of Asia, time to enjoy and kill time with the lover boy. Teehee! Photo opp. 101 (Yeah! I'm really bringing my camera wherever I go. haha!)

I really prefer buying all our necessities at Hypermarket MOA, coz i find the place big and almost all things we needed are there.

Here are some of the pictures during our ultimate shopping and bonding experience. Hihi! 

The husband is concentrating...haha! He's about to grab shampoos for our li'l men.

He's comparing prices and quality of a detergent powder... as for our kids bath soap, we want the Vaseline 3in1, so OK for their sensitive skin.

While we shop, I opt not to take a lot of pictures. I feel shy already. Ha! ha! ha!

But when I saw these, Yay! I can't help it anymore.... 

Asia soy! At last, I found... I feel so heavenly when I saw these. Good for all people who's practicing vegetarianism.

My favorite of all time! I bought 2 boxes of these yummy! yummy! goodness. I so love trail mix! Instead of buying chocolates and junk foods I would love to eat TM.

All throughout our shopping we talk sweet nothings, we laugh and share stories too.  Sigh (with smile)...It is really a good experience to go shop and goof around with the one you truly love... I get so kilig while shopping. I'm feeling like a teenager. LOL!

I'm looking forward for our next shopping! =)

Huwebes, Abril 14, 2011


Broccoli’s just one of my favorite veggies of all time. Why?  It lowers cholesterol, it helps solve vitamin D deficiency etc. (refer to and it looks cute, like a little green tree in spring time. Hehe!

Let me share you, how I made my “broccoli concerto” (I named it after my favourite TW Drama Autumn Concerto.Teehee! and basically it will be our star ingredient).  NO NEED TO USE COOKING OIL.

YOU will need the following ingredients:

2 whole medium sized broccoli cut into stalk
1 medium sized carrot (cut into small cubes)
1 beaten egg
½ cup shrimp stock to taste (optional)
2 cup water

Powdered onion
Powdered garlic
Minced black pepper

Here’s how:

1. Mixed spices (except black pepper) to 1 cup water according to your desired amount
2. Heat pan and pour dissolved spices
3. Put broccolis and carrots in, let simmer for about 3 minutes
4. Mix up beaten egg in a circular style
5. Pour ½ cup of shrimp stock
6. Drizzle black pepper according to your desire


Broccoli Concerto!

Eat well!

Miyerkules, Abril 6, 2011

My Pescetarian Journey

Pescetarian - is a lifestyle often adopted by people in transition to becoming a vegan/vegetarian. Meal will only include veggies, sea foods and sometimes dairies. NO LAND MEAT puhleeease! That's how it is.

And YES! I'm into it. I decided to be one and I'm on my bitter sweet pecestarian lifestyle - week three (3).

Let me share you the what, why, how I drag myself in a pesce-vegetarian lifestyle.

*Guilty Mun-Chic
Feeling so guilty of consuming so much land meats, junk foods and instant juices. What's worst? I'm dang! Gaining a lot of weight fast and easy.

I don't want to drink the brazilian nature coffee and get high to lose weight. No way!

Constipated at all time plus I can't get over eating sinful foods. I call it sinful foods - because junk food and land meats brings out guilt.

Truly guilty! I am. And I can't take the heavy and weak feeling anymore. Loser!

*The Influential World of Twitter
Obviously I tweet =), I follow people whom I consider that can give a big bang changes in my life. They are few but they're super nice, good and cool.

It happened that two of the people I follow are aspiring vegans. =) I read their conversation and got me real interested, because I felt how much they love the feeling they get being a vegan.

So, they got me in. =) Thanks God, I met Doc. Janice (@mjgotardo_md) a real doctor in life and sistah Sahlee (@iDatgirl) of UNTV37, both of you inspires me everyday. SSD!

Due to over eating of sinful foods, I allowed myself to adapt the "eat only when your hungry" tactics, drink a lot of water and I even stored green apples in fridge to satisfy my cravings and it helped me keep away from junk foods. If you plan to do this, better as Doc Janice - she has blogsite too. Water fasting is effective if you plan to slow down eating. You can as well do meditations for a super nice feeling =)

So far, I'm still learning the how's and gradually I'm getting hang of it. During the entire 3wks I sometimes feel like I want to eat land meat. Yup, I'm giving myself a try of eating meat if I'm tempted. But every time I do, I still feel guilty. I hate feeling guilty. To get rid of it, I told myself to concentrate more, eating healthy foods.

Letting go junk foods was never easy. But when you try, you'll love the benefit of living a pesce-vegan way.


Please visit:

Lunes, Abril 4, 2011

Mobile Blogging

Since I'm a blogger wanna be, I 've learned that I can use my smartphone for posting my entries, I simply post this entry for another set of post test... And because, this is my first dang! entry, AGAIN!!

My previous acct, got deleted and I not even aware of it, until i decided to post my 3rd entry. I can't find my blogsite and there's this option located at my dashboard settings, that I have to restore it and how am I gonna do that? What I did was, I created another blogsite linking that same account, but then I still find the RESTORE option when I'm super ready to post my lost entries. It was a failure and I failed...

Why and how did it happen? I don't know...


THERE is always a new option, I can still create another blogsite... New task, new email addy and presto! A new blogsite.


And NOW, here I come again to give another rock and rollin' try... I'm hoping that I will be able to blog galore after that one frustrating incident. I'm now ready to follow and get followed.

See y'all around bloggies! T'was just part of my honey charmed kind of life...

God bless us!