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Miyerkules, Abril 6, 2011

My Pescetarian Journey

Pescetarian - is a lifestyle often adopted by people in transition to becoming a vegan/vegetarian. Meal will only include veggies, sea foods and sometimes dairies. NO LAND MEAT puhleeease! That's how it is.

And YES! I'm into it. I decided to be one and I'm on my bitter sweet pecestarian lifestyle - week three (3).

Let me share you the what, why, how I drag myself in a pesce-vegetarian lifestyle.

*Guilty Mun-Chic
Feeling so guilty of consuming so much land meats, junk foods and instant juices. What's worst? I'm dang! Gaining a lot of weight fast and easy.

I don't want to drink the brazilian nature coffee and get high to lose weight. No way!

Constipated at all time plus I can't get over eating sinful foods. I call it sinful foods - because junk food and land meats brings out guilt.

Truly guilty! I am. And I can't take the heavy and weak feeling anymore. Loser!

*The Influential World of Twitter
Obviously I tweet =), I follow people whom I consider that can give a big bang changes in my life. They are few but they're super nice, good and cool.

It happened that two of the people I follow are aspiring vegans. =) I read their conversation and got me real interested, because I felt how much they love the feeling they get being a vegan.

So, they got me in. =) Thanks God, I met Doc. Janice (@mjgotardo_md) a real doctor in life and sistah Sahlee (@iDatgirl) of UNTV37, both of you inspires me everyday. SSD!

Due to over eating of sinful foods, I allowed myself to adapt the "eat only when your hungry" tactics, drink a lot of water and I even stored green apples in fridge to satisfy my cravings and it helped me keep away from junk foods. If you plan to do this, better as Doc Janice - she has blogsite too. Water fasting is effective if you plan to slow down eating. You can as well do meditations for a super nice feeling =)

So far, I'm still learning the how's and gradually I'm getting hang of it. During the entire 3wks I sometimes feel like I want to eat land meat. Yup, I'm giving myself a try of eating meat if I'm tempted. But every time I do, I still feel guilty. I hate feeling guilty. To get rid of it, I told myself to concentrate more, eating healthy foods.

Letting go junk foods was never easy. But when you try, you'll love the benefit of living a pesce-vegan way.


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