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Huwebes, Abril 14, 2011


Broccoli’s just one of my favorite veggies of all time. Why?  It lowers cholesterol, it helps solve vitamin D deficiency etc. (refer to and it looks cute, like a little green tree in spring time. Hehe!

Let me share you, how I made my “broccoli concerto” (I named it after my favourite TW Drama Autumn Concerto.Teehee! and basically it will be our star ingredient).  NO NEED TO USE COOKING OIL.

YOU will need the following ingredients:

2 whole medium sized broccoli cut into stalk
1 medium sized carrot (cut into small cubes)
1 beaten egg
½ cup shrimp stock to taste (optional)
2 cup water

Powdered onion
Powdered garlic
Minced black pepper

Here’s how:

1. Mixed spices (except black pepper) to 1 cup water according to your desired amount
2. Heat pan and pour dissolved spices
3. Put broccolis and carrots in, let simmer for about 3 minutes
4. Mix up beaten egg in a circular style
5. Pour ½ cup of shrimp stock
6. Drizzle black pepper according to your desire


Broccoli Concerto!

Eat well!

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