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Biyernes, Abril 15, 2011

ONE Supermarket Day with Hubby

It's really sweet, whenever my hubby hang out with me and do some sort of mommy task in a super market. I find it super fun too.

While I'm on a vacation leave, we planned to go out and hang together... shop food stocks, kiddos primary needs and of course to buy some vegan foodies.

We arrived so early at Mall of Asia, time to enjoy and kill time with the lover boy. Teehee! Photo opp. 101 (Yeah! I'm really bringing my camera wherever I go. haha!)

I really prefer buying all our necessities at Hypermarket MOA, coz i find the place big and almost all things we needed are there.

Here are some of the pictures during our ultimate shopping and bonding experience. Hihi! 

The husband is concentrating...haha! He's about to grab shampoos for our li'l men.

He's comparing prices and quality of a detergent powder... as for our kids bath soap, we want the Vaseline 3in1, so OK for their sensitive skin.

While we shop, I opt not to take a lot of pictures. I feel shy already. Ha! ha! ha!

But when I saw these, Yay! I can't help it anymore.... 

Asia soy! At last, I found... I feel so heavenly when I saw these. Good for all people who's practicing vegetarianism.

My favorite of all time! I bought 2 boxes of these yummy! yummy! goodness. I so love trail mix! Instead of buying chocolates and junk foods I would love to eat TM.

All throughout our shopping we talk sweet nothings, we laugh and share stories too.  Sigh (with smile)...It is really a good experience to go shop and goof around with the one you truly love... I get so kilig while shopping. I'm feeling like a teenager. LOL!

I'm looking forward for our next shopping! =)

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