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Lunes, Abril 4, 2011

Mobile Blogging

Since I'm a blogger wanna be, I 've learned that I can use my smartphone for posting my entries, I simply post this entry for another set of post test... And because, this is my first dang! entry, AGAIN!!

My previous acct, got deleted and I not even aware of it, until i decided to post my 3rd entry. I can't find my blogsite and there's this option located at my dashboard settings, that I have to restore it and how am I gonna do that? What I did was, I created another blogsite linking that same account, but then I still find the RESTORE option when I'm super ready to post my lost entries. It was a failure and I failed...

Why and how did it happen? I don't know...


THERE is always a new option, I can still create another blogsite... New task, new email addy and presto! A new blogsite.


And NOW, here I come again to give another rock and rollin' try... I'm hoping that I will be able to blog galore after that one frustrating incident. I'm now ready to follow and get followed.

See y'all around bloggies! T'was just part of my honey charmed kind of life...

God bless us!

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